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The photography of Sally Gulbrandsen

Nature and the things within it, play an important part in my life and in my photography. I try to bring out some of the character of the creatures by capturing them 'in action'. This sometimes produces some unexpected results and more often than not brings a smile to my face.

Travel, people and family functions are also something I enjoy photographing. My photography has evolved into what you now see in this website

Most of my work is for sale in the form of a digital download to your computer but I am happy to discuss any printing requirements you may have. Please e-mail me.
I use a Canon Pro9000 printer.

I hope you will enjoy the images. Please feel free to comment.

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Petal Backdrop


Fountain Bubbles Bure River Norfolk Bure River Norfolk
A walk along the Bure River Norfolk.
Butterfly delight A collection of butterflies
Daisy Daisy! A collection of flowers
Flower photos
Date with a Dragonfly A collection of Insects
Welcome to my world of bugs and critters
Lady in Lilac A collection of Ladybirds
Ladybird photos
Spider take-out A collection of Spiders
A selection of spider photos
Drying Out! A collection of Birds
Wedding Adornment Product Shoot
All the items in this portfolio are available to purchase direct from the client. Please contact me for further details
Passion Flower A Black & White Collection
Images which depict raindrops on flora or fauna