Christmas is a coming!
Almost time to think about making handcrafted gifts for Christmas.

Why not try this simple stocking idea which I posted today

You will find lots of links to my felting tutorials on HubPages.

Have fun.

Life just got a little easier.

Who would have thought that a Tumble Dryer could be so useful!
I have been busy creating multiple coin purses at one sitting using this method and am delighted with the success I had.
I have just published the whole Tutorial on HubPages. I hope you will join me. I love hearing your comments or sharing your own experiences when it comes to felting. We all learn from one another. Please feel free to contact me.
New Bird Pod Tutorial
My latest Felting Tutorial - just published on Hubpages. Definitely my favorite method of making a Bird Pod. Please visit the link below. I would love to hear your comments.

How to Make a Wet Felted Kitten/Cat Cave
This week I spent a day working on a Kitten/Cat Cave for a friend.

I used a variety of techniques which included using a Tumble Dryer, Balloons, A Palm Sander and a Bamboo Blind.

I hope you will come along to enjoy this free Tutorial. Your comments are always welcomed.

Creative Felting for Valentine's Day

The last few days have been very interesting.

I found some beautiful little cups and saucers in a thrift shop and found were the inspiration for this, my latest tutorial.

The wet felted spectacle case and the tiny coin purse are decorated with hearts and ladybugs/ladybirds.

I love felting. It is such a creative art form and it lends itself to experimentation. With this in mind, I created these two items using balloons for the base and they worked brilliantly.

I hope you enjoy using these tutorials.
How to make a Shoulder Purse using a Gertie Ball

I spent the day making a shoulder purse on a Gertie Ball. I have just finished uploading the tutorial to HubPages.

I hope you have as much fun as I had making mine.
How to make a Shoulder Purse using a Gertie Ball
I spent the day making a shoulder purse on a Gertie Ball. I have just finished uploading the tutorial to HubPages.

I hope you have as much fun as I had making mine.
Little Felted Coin Purses
I have been so busy this week. I made some cute Wet Felted money purses, some of which are now being displayed on my home page.

You can find a link to my latest tutorial here:-

You will need some tiny money purse clasps, also two different size polystyrene balls. I used 70mm snd 90mm balls for the little purses. A small party balloon may be substituted for the 70mm ball.

The clasps needed should measure 6.5 mm. They are available in either silver or bronze from Amazon. I have provided for your convenience the links necessary to purchase similar items.

Cute Little Ladybird Booties

How to make baby booties using metal shoe lasts.

I am very excited about this sweet little project. I loved creating these little booties

I love hearing from you and look forward to receiving any comments or suggestions you may have for future projects.
How to make a necklace with felt beads and a recycled charm bracelet

How to Make Felt Beads the Easy Way.

How to Make Felt Beads the Easy Way video can be found on youtube:-
Some of my favorite Wet Felting Tools
I will be adding more images to this List over the next few days.

If you have any comments or ideas which you would like to share with other felt makers, I would love to hear from you.

I welcome your questions or suggestions.

Best wishes,

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Welcome to My Wet Felting Blog
Resin Shoe Lasts and How I Made Wet Felted Slippers Using Them

I have spent the past two years experimenting with various methods of creating Hand Crafted, Wet Felted Slippers and Boots. I have made them for both Adults and Children.
I have tried Wet Felting on lasts which were made from Duct Tape and filled with Supermarket Shopping Bags. These proved remarkably successful. I realized from the many comments I received, that I was not the only person who did not have two feet which were the same size. The Duct Tape Shoe Lasts were unique in that they were custom made for my own feet! I felted the Boots in my Tumble Drier and it made light work of the felting process and still left me with last which could be used again! The tumble drier is still one of my favorite tools for speeding up the felting process.
I have using Bubble-wrap Templates to make booties and made Wet Felted gloves using Household Rubber Gloves filled with Polystyrene Balls. Every method I experimented with worked. There is no doubt that some worked better than others but every method I tried or experimented with was to see if I could achieve a good end result within a very small budget.
Then I discovered a stash of Factory Shoe Lasts made of resin which were being advertised for a very reasonable price locally. The owner, a skilled craftsman wanted them to go to someone who wanted to use them. I think he must have seen me coming. My first opportunity to made some slippers with a professionally crafted Shoe Last had arrived.
I am now the owner of a very large supply of lasts in a variety of sizes, some made of wood but a large selection are from Resin, just perfect for my needs - hence another experiment has begun - this my first Tutorial – making Wet Felted Slippers using a combination of the Resin Factory Last is perhaps my most successful slipper yet.
The results speak for themselves and with a just little practice I have no doubt that I will be using these Lasts for years to come. The beauty about having such a variety of sizes to choose from, is that I can now use different size Lasts for my feet without having to make Duct Tape Lasts – even though I am still seriously impressed by how well they worked.
I will be listing some of the Resin Lasts and perhaps some of the Vintage Wooden Shoe Last gradually on my Shop Page. There are after all, only so many shoes a lady can use or store!


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